Gloor: Death penalty reinstatement won’t lead to executions

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“He said he voted to repeal the death penalty because he became convinced it is now impossible for Nebraska to successfully carry out an execution. It was conservative state senators — including Tea Party senators — who finally convinced him of that fact.

Gloor said those state senators also demonstrated to him that it costs twice as much to keep condemned prisoners on death row as it does to keep a person in prison for life.”

JULY 15, 2015  |

LJS Editorial: Donation to referendum effort unseemly

“Ricketts makes no secret of his support of the death penalty and his unhappiness with the Legislature’s vote to abolish it and then to override his veto. He lobbied heavily before the override vote in an attempt to flip enough senators’ votes to sustain his veto. It is perfectly within his role as governor to lobby, persuade and argue for or against legislation. But once a law is passed, Ricketts’ job as governor is to carry out the will of the people as reflected in the vote of the senators they elected.”


JULY 6, 2015  |

New group will oppose Nebraska death penalty referendum

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) – Death penalty opponents are joining forces to oppose a ballot campaign that could reinstate capital punishment in Nebraska, the new coalition announced Thursday.

Nebraskans for Public Safety said it will advocate for “smart alternatives” to the death penalty and argue to the public that the punishment abolished by lawmakers is broken beyond repair.

The group formed in response to another coalition, Nebraskans for the Death Penalty, which launched a petition drive to put capital punishment on the ballot in 2016. In a landmark vote last month, Nebraska lawmakers overrode Gov. Pete Ricketts’ veto and repealed the death penalty.

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JUNE 15, 2015  |