Join the majority of Nebraskans who think the death penalty is broken beyond repair.

  • Fiscal Conservatives, faith leaders, and victims’ families want to move forward and replace the death penalty with smart alternatives that put public safety first.

  • The death penalty risks innocent lives, has no deterrent value, and leaves Nebraska taxpayers to pick up the tab for endless appeals.

  • Nebraskans across the political spectrum want to refocus on priorities like how to improve education, provide tax relief, and strengthen the economy.


    Cruel to Victims’ Families

    Nebraska’s last execution was nearly 20 years ago. Victims’ families are forced to endure years of painful appeals, reversals, and never ending media attention.

    Risks Innocent Lives

    Across the U.S., more than 150 people have been released from death row due to evidence of innocence. Using the death penalty as a “tool” led to the false confessions from the Beatrice Six and perhaps others.

    Waste of Taxpayer Dollars

    Capital cases are a tremendous burden to Nebraska taxpayers. With the death penalty gone, we can re-invest these funds in resources for victims’ families and programs to put public safety first.

    Life Means Life

    In Nebraska, a sentence of life prohibits the inmate from being paroled. Life in prison with no parole is a smart alternative that puts public safety first.